Key Themes
Scotland: An Invasive Occupation

The UK is home to two species of squirrel: the native red squirrel and the North American grey squirrel. Since the introduction of the grey squirrel in the late 19th Century, life has become more dangerous for red squirrels...


...Grey squirrels carry a virus, which, although harmless to greys, is deadly to reds. The results can be devastating. In recent decades, red squirrel numbers have disappeared from large areas of England. In many of these areas, their numbers continue to fall.

The Great Walnut Disaster

To help protect red squirrels from the threat of extinction in the UK, individuals, communities and organised groups from across the country are involved in a variety of conservation activities...


...In this documentary, you can meet some of the people involved in these activities and find out more about the issues facing red squirrels in the UK today.